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Discussion in 'Border Archery' started by alikat, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. alikat

    alikat New Member

    Second day shooting the HEX7-H's
    They are a set of mediums on a Win & Win RCX 100 riser
    They are replacing a set of HEX6-H's of the same weight (40lbs @28").
    Arrows are ACC 3-18's (560 spine) 28 1/2", 100gr points as used for the 6's
    String is a 67" fastflight.
    So, initial thoughts and results.
    Tiller is set to 5mm.
    Set the brace height to 6 3/4" and started to shoot. My god they're quick and SO smooth! First off arrows are flying true but I am hearing a sharp "crack" on release. Slowly adjust brace height to 7", now it's a very nice "thrum" so believe the noise was contact with the riser.
    Bareshafts are very slightly 'stiff' but come in with a small plunger adjustment.
    Spent the rest of the day looking a lot better than I actually am thanks to how bloody easy these are to shoot!
    Well that's enough gushing, how did others go with tuning?
  2. g1225b

    g1225b New Member

    I've got a medium set of Hex7's on an RX riser and pulling 42lbs at 30.5". Brace ht is set at 7". I set my plunger in the forward hole as slow mo video shows I get better clearance there it also. Arrows are Nano SST 550 spine with 120gr points. I also found centershot needs to be slightly left of center(1-2 mm) while my hex 6's are set just left of center. The hex 7's are a joy to shoot. Hope that helps
  3. alikat

    alikat New Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm also about 42lbs OTF with about 28" draw lenght.
    I've left the button position the same (centre shot slightly left of centre) but fitted the softer spring.
    I was surprised just how quickly I managed to get a decent initial tune. I've bareshafted out to 30mtrs and the bow is really shooting well.



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  4. BorderBows

    BorderBows New Member

    just like NP positions can give a false reading by bumping off the arrow rest and kicking the arrow out.
    its possible to get a false reading off the window/button area, so id hazard a guess that the noise on the low BH would be a weak shaft indicator, while also giving a stiff (false) reaction...

    (internet diagnosis is always risky)
  5. BorderBows

    BorderBows New Member

    could you guys help us a little...

    What are they like (in your opinions) to shoot if your spine is out. Do they track way off, as expected, or do they appear to shoot down centre, just a bit more wobble to arrow?

    whats your impressions at present?
  6. g1225b

    g1225b New Member

    If the spine is off say overspine for a right handed archer the bare shaft will go left and for underspine it will go right,the longer the distance shot the larger departure from center just like conventional limbs. One thing that can give a false impression of spine when the arrow spine is close to being right, and that is the centershot setting. If the centershot is not correct either too far in or to far out, the bareshaft will fly with a very large oscillation that is only visible from about 40yds which is far enough to see the shaft curve one way then back the other. At a closer distance say 30yds the shaft hasn't completed the full cycle and if for example the centershot is too far out, the bareshaft will hit left giving a false impression of overspine. The same shaft at 40-45yds will turn back right and hit right of center. Rick Mckinney addressed this phenomenon in his book The Art of Winning.
  7. Flyingwatchmaker

    Flyingwatchmaker New Member

    I've found the centreshot is probably the hardest thing to get right on these, but once it's right, I've found I can use a spine range of 500-680 (42# OTF @ 28" draw) though I found the heavier arrow/spine grouped better..

  8. alikat

    alikat New Member

    So after a week of shooting I've definitely found the minimum brace height is just under 7". Any lower and the noise goes up significantly. I may get a 66 1/2" string as I need a fair few twists on the 67" to get to 7".
    My ACC arrows (3-18, 560 spine, 28 1/2 inches long) appear to be a good match. Centre shot is pretty much like the HEX6-H's. I've settled on 6mm of tiller for now. I may play a bit more later on but for now it's just case of enjoying shooting.

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