Compound Vs Recurve

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  1. geoffretired

    geoffretired New Member

    They got as far as fixing me to a stake and lighting the fire. Then someone said it was too good for a compounder, so flames were doused and I was set in front of a tv showing Eastenders repeatedly.
    I would like to tell how I escaped using my super strength; but the truth is, the theme music brought in a lot of fans and,being recurvers, wouldn't watch in the same room as me, so I was thrown out.
  2. Rabid Hamster

    Rabid Hamster New Member

    one day compounders will be viewed as throwbacks to a more primitive age and the stringless electromagnetic 'magbowers' will mock your cables/cams/3rd axis issues. you can point out that theres no skill in simply loading an arrow and letting the onboard AI calculate aiming point during their 720meter FITA 720.
  3. geoffretired

    geoffretired New Member

    Until then, we can just reign supreme? Or be mocked as cheats?Or bask in the knowledge that we have chosen the sensible option?Who would shoot a bow that gets stiffer the further you pull it, when there is an alternative?
    Burn the heretic, again!!
  4. Rabid Hamster

    Rabid Hamster New Member

    every compounder who takes the podium for a medal should have to share it with the engineer who designed their cams/sights/release aid. might make the podium a little busy with 20+ folks on it. ;)
  5. geoffretired

    geoffretired New Member

    "I'd first of all like to thank my parents and my trainers and my coach, not forgetting the producer and director.The rest of the cast and the set designers, without whose help I would have had to get there on my own."
    Hangers on... burn them too.
  6. Rik

    Rik New Member

    Well, before too long, the bows will get so good that the arrows always go in the middle...
    At that point, compound archery will (like ice dancing and synchronised swimming) be scored on style, rather than where the arrows are falling... :mischievo
  7. Rabid Hamster

    Rabid Hamster New Member

    with each round shot once in swimsuit and once in evening wear! :covereyes
  8. HitBear

    HitBear New Member

    Yes, its 'easier' to shoot a compound more accuratly. Point and loose. Thats pretty much it. However that presupposes that you have every little thing right in the first place. One flaw, one mistake, and it won't forgive you.
    Its not uncommon to see a compound score in the 1400's not making the medals.


    Because everyone you are shooting against has compounds too. They just made fewer mistakes, had things set up better, drank water instead of red bull..
  9. Moose

    Moose New Member

    Ms Lorig her of the USA Olympic team at the London Olympics has just been given a compound bow and despite her perfect archery form now has a massive bruise at the elbow joint from string rash.

    So apparently the compound is not so easy.

    Moose on the loose
  10. blakey

    blakey New Member

    About a year or so later than my first post on this thread I have to concur. I am now shooting considerably better with barebow recurve than barebow compound. Which I'm surprised at? But then a lot of the bells are missing. And I think one of the Korean recurve is getting close to unlimited compound scores?
  11. chrisg333

    chrisg333 New Member

    LOL...... at the time this reply was probably quite valid, but a few years later and with all the controversy over the Armstrong drugs scandal its ironic that his name is linked in a post with cheating....... :)
  12. Pete D

    Pete D New Member

    At the risk of repeating myself and the resultant fall out flack, let's go to outward gauge scoring......! Whatever your style of shooting enjoy it, but just appreciate each style has its own features.
  13. Jerry Tee

    Jerry Tee New Member

    I would not have thought that there was that much difference between the two.
  14. Barrief

    Barrief New Member

    I have recurves, and compound.... Like someone said: Which one will put a smile on My face today? Thats what matter to me. Having said that I shoot for My pleasure and I do not compete, well, with no one except Myself.

    I think if I had a rifle in My collection that would come out from time to time too :)

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