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Discussion in 'Target Archery' started by Sindrin, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Sindrin

    Sindrin New Member

    Hi. I started a six week beginner course mid October last year and bought me a recurve bow for christmas and had it set up for barebow. I'm wondering what a resonable portsmouth round barebow (female) score would be for a beginner with about four months experience of shooting once a week. Last week I got 307 and this week i got a 364 and have no idea how these compare.

  2. Yew Selfbow

    Yew Selfbow New Member

    364 is a fabulous score for someone who's only been shooting four months. Well done.
    If I can give you one word of advice .... don't put to much emphasis on scores at the moment, concentrate on your form and technique and the scores will come all by themselves ... well done and enjoy yourself
  3. Dr. B

    Dr. B New Member

    364 is very good going for barebow especially beginner.
    The established longbow/barebow archers in my club consider 400 to be a good target which they sometimes achieve but not always.

    PS. Just relieved this wasn't one of those "I've only been shooting 2 months and can't get past 540 on a Portsmouth" threads :D
  4. Sindrin

    Sindrin New Member

    Thank you both. I genuinally have no idea what is good or not. Others who did the course at the same time seem to be struggling, but they've all put sights on their bows, and I decided to go barebow and get used to the bow before I think about putting a sight on it. So really struggling for a comparision.

    I will certinally be concentrate on technique rather than score, but I like to keep a track to see how I improve.

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