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  1. alkis
    alkis BorderBows
  2. Thomas!
    Thomas! backinblack
    Hi there have u still got the G3s for sale?
  3. wingate_52
    wingate_52 backinblack
    I would like to show some interest in a dozen uncut 120 gn tungsten points for Easton X10 arrows. Please send me some contact details and your best price. Many thanks. Mike Wingate
  4. bowdz
    bowdz Bald Eagle
    Hi pete,
    Im looking to have the welsh dragon with cumry am byth underneath it on the large pocket if thats possible,and I was me but now he's gone on the belt if possible im a 40-42" waist so there is enough room!
    Im right handed buddy but could you pm or email me some pics of the colours if thats possible to
    Also whats the timeframe to get one even though im in no rush,
  5. Bald Eagle
    Bald Eagle bowdz
    Hi Neil, yes, I still make quivers to order, a 3 tube 2 pocket quiver with belt hook, patterned and carved initials on the main pocket is £135 + P+P, ( £10, next day courier )I make them in saddle leather in tan, dark brown, burgundy, light brown and black, Instead of initials I can carve a design of your choice. I will need to know if you are left or right handed and if you need a belt, ( £18 ) your actual waist size, so I can allow for fitting over outdoor clothing. If you need any more info I'll be happy to help, Pete.
  6. bowdz
    bowdz Bald Eagle
    Hi buddy,
    I have been searching online for a custom quiver and found some beautiful pics of some you did a while ago,do you still make to order?
  7. Muleman
    Thank You John for you're time.
  8. JohnK
    JohnK Muleman
    Hi Terry,

    My 72in set up (27in riser, long limbs) seems to like a bracing height around 8in to the throat of the grip. I'm really not sure what a 64in bow would need, I'm afraid.

    I don't have a string to hand to measure, but I think it was around 71in.
  9. Muleman
    Muleman JohnK
    Hello John,was wondering what length string and brace ht you ended up with? I have a 21" Bernardini Cobra and HEX7 med limbs,I'm thinking string should end up around 63 1/4" +or-

    Thanks Terry
  10. Dave
    Dave thomas555
    Should be later today, Thomas. :beer:
  11. Thomas!
    Thomas! Dave
    Hi Dave , happy new year!
    When do the results come out do the ironman??
    Cheers mathew
  12. robert scadden
    robert scadden Yonniol
    Hi I will send you a list ect at my lunch break yes it's still for sale.
  13. Dave
    Dave Sterling M Archer
    Penguins reapplied! They're there at the moment, let me know if they leg it again!
  14. ajt_uk
    Always looking for that perfect end!!!
  15. Rhysie
    Shooting at Cuckfield Archers for a year and a half. White ArcheryGB Badge only :(
  16. V4Volcanicity
    V4Volcanicity Whitehart
    Just wanted to say a big thanks for your supportive post re: the archery gb national series finals :-) very VERY much appreciated
  17. s1yf0x
    s1yf0x Bald Eagle
    Hi Pete. Should have added my email address.
    Kind regards
  18. s1yf0x
    s1yf0x Bald Eagle
    Hi Pete.

    Lez from Aardvark recommended I get in touch with you. I'm looking for a custom quiver and belt for my wife. Do you have a blank design that I could draw on and send back to you for pricing? Basically want something in purple leather with skulls and bats on.

    Kind regards

  19. Joachim
    Hi there!

    I've freshly moved to the UK (from Austria) and are currently at home in London. I like to do field archery and would classify myself as a casual archer: I like to go out and have fun and ideally score well, but it's not my primary goal.

    Have fun!
  20. Proper-bo Selecta
    Proper-bo Selecta Bald Eagle
    Hi Bald Eagle, I'm interested in a new hand made leather quiver if you still make them?
    I've had one from you before which was great, but I'm now after a black field type one for compound.
    I've lost your email address, hence posting here.
    Could you let me know and perhaps send me some sample photos of this type of quiver please?
    My email address is